(2001): Bristol Legible City Launch:  a ‘600 metre-long epic city poem’ (Bristol Evening Post) literally stuck to the fabric of the city via a vinyl strip, over buildings and round ferry boats for 4 months.

Oh ancient of cities, we decline you: my bomb-etched visage; your wide brawny streets; his/her/itswrinkled cobblestones; our smooth-cheeked paving stones spattered with the chewing gum of youth; your (pl) varicose vein’d steps, puff, puff; their pulsing motorway and rail arteries. It’s a miracle! No it’s not Americal – it’s Bristol: past tense/future perfect.

Oh, hi, carbon-based life-forms! Pssst: a word in your shell-like. You walk, we talk. Walkie-Talkie starts here. We walk we talk …you cannot not communicate, a language is like another country they say: visit my nouns, explore my verbs, tour my adjectives, indulge my non-secateurs

Distance to SS Great Britain as people walk: 933 strides; Place I arranged to meet June but she sort of forgot: 200 yards; Wales: a million (conceptual) miles; Paris: yes, please; Length of an allotment: 2 roods;Pluto: xyz trillion trillion miles; Knowle West: t’other side of t’Avon; Heaven: up; Hell: down Inner Peace: everywhere; Jay-may-ka: ye man! Eyrie!; Bristol’s High Cross (sold to Stourhead): 47 miles away; Source of Life On Earth (aka the sun): 93, 000, 000 miles

Underneath is deep deep silence where surly backbones of ancient mountain crowd the city specific and swirl to dash intestinal strata. Let s/he who has ears to hear, hear my voice! Singing along lines of joy yet deep within the earth our bodies within the earth our body within… externalised in clay, o’erlaid in rubble, junk, concrete, ducting, concrete, tarmac, limestone, marble, concrete, wood, brick: Listen! Frome maidens sing in vapid rapids of incongruity. Come together and unify. Many faced city. Densify the matrix. Sing your multi-song. I repeat: Come together and unify!