MORE ON ‘LOCATED SOUNDSCAPES’: how they are made:

  • Using mapping software, ‘soundpools’ are layered over real-world locations (as in the above illustration – a rather complex one, but it does show the different shapes of ‘soundpools’ you can have…)
  • Audio content (recordings of our poetry/lyrical prose) is imported into the soundpools.
  • The whole is made in an app.
  • People download the free app – hosted by the QLPS – to their smartphone and go to the start of the poetry walk.
  • Open the app – you can see where the soundpools are and walk towards them, if you wish, or you can keep your phone in your pocket and stumble into them by chance.

Note: all the content is in the app – the audio is triggered by your phone’s gps, meaning no network signal is required (that’s very useful when you’re down a coombe in the Quantocks!)