This series of guided audio-walks was made in partnership with Prof. Steve Poole of UWE’s Regional History Centre (RHC). The theme is the extraordinary 18th-century practice of hanging and sometimes gibbeting some felons (exhibiting their bodies to public view in iron cages) at the scene of their crime. This was intended to leave an indelible and exemplary impression on disorderly villages and small towns. These ‘crime-scene executions’ were usually staged in remote locations before very large crowds (in the many thousands) and were spectacular, expensive and theatrical events, unlikely ever to be forgotten by anyone who witnessed them.

The walks are a poetic response to this extraordinary practice. They are available as guided poemtrails (with downloadable maps) and in ‘armchair mode’. Download a walk, then walk the poemtrail and immerse yourself in a creative and evocative soundscape!