Walking Memories responds to your movements and even your body orientation.  It was commissioned as part of the LISTEN summer season of sound in 2019 and is the first work created with SSQR (SatsymphQR), our brand new spatialised audio platform. Walking Memories was built using oral histories of people who used to work in the industrial works of Frome – in the Singer brass foundry and bronze-casting works, for example, the firm responsible for the bronze statue of Boudica with her daughters in her war chariot which stands next to Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in London as well as many other ‘epic’ statues.

Walking memories is ‘sound you can walk inside’, created by Phill Phelps and Ralph Hoyte of Satsymph LLP. Supported by Arts Council England, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Frome Society for Local Study. The work is part of the LISTEN season of sound art curated by Helen Ottaway and coordinated by Mel Day. It is hosted by Black Swan Arts, Frome, and contains oral history recordings made by Home In Frome for Working Memories.