A Journal of an Intended Voyage in the Ship Black Prince from Bristol to the Gold Coast of Africa being Her 7th to the Coast commencing April the 24th 1762

The Captain of the Black Prince, William Miller (the owners were James Laroche & Co) kept a daily logbook of his ship’s voyage. The Black Prince left Bristol on 24th April 1762, arriving at the West African coast on 26th June. The ship first put to anchor at a place called St Pauls, then spent the next eight months sailing up and down the coast buying slaves. On 1 March the next year, 1763, the Black Prince left the coast of Africa , bound for Antigua, with 438 slaves on board. From16 May of that year, 1763, the enslaved Africans were taken on shore to be sold. Miller’s ship then loaded sugar and other goods on board, sailing on 4 July 1763 for Bristol. She arrived in Bristol on 10 August 1763