On your mobile device (eg smartphone) search ‘1831 Riot’ either on the Appstore (iPhone) or on Google Play (Android) to download the app. Then enter the Time Portal over Queen Square, Bristol and experience the 1831 Reform Riots

The app retells the story of the 1831 Reform Riots, which resulted in numerous casualties and nearly burnt the whole city down. The riots were a response to the rejection of the Great Reform Bill by the House of Lords, a measure designed to extend the vote to middle class male house holders. However, the announcement of the Tory MP and city Recorder, Sir Charles Wetherall, that Bristolians were not interested in parliamentary reform further inflamed local opinion. When Wetherall arrived in Bristol to open the Assize Courts, huge crowds gathered to oppose him and he was forced to take refuge in the Mayor’s Mansion House in Queen Square. This is the starting point for the 1831 RIOT! experience.